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Upcoming book arts exhibitions

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Some of these are far away in time but here's a list of some upcoming book
arts exhibitions in the Collins Gallery, Multnomah County Library, 801 SW
10th Ave., Portland, OR 97205.

More details will be posted before each exhibition.

1) "Tolerance and Human Rights"
        April 1, 2002-May 14, 2002

- a juried exhibition of book arts of works from around the nation related
to this topical issue, and tied to a broader city-wide exhibition related
to Anne Frank.  Artists include Maureen Cummins (Brooklyn, NY), Diane
Jacobs (San Francisco), and Elsi Vassdal Ellis (Bellingham, WA), among
many others.

2) "Sandy Tilcock: Oregon Printer, Bookbinder, Boxmaker."
        May 16, 2002-June 28, 2002

- a retrospective of the works of Sandy Tilcock, founder of lone goose
press, now director of Knight Library Press, both of Eugene, Oregon.
Sandy, a long-time resident of Oregon, and a former student of
Richard-Gabriel Rummonds, has been an influential as a teacher and
practitioner of the book arts.  Her binding and box making skills are

3) "Northwest BookFest Book Arts Exhibition"
        October - November 2002

- this year's 2002 juried works; application for entry likely in August
2002; for more info, see: nwbookfest.org

4) "Yellow Barn Press"
        February - March 2003

- an examination of the works of this Iowa fine press whose books are
concerned with the book arts, directed by Neal Shaver since its inception
in 1979, and often including the prints of the wonderful engraver John

5) "Tim Ely: A Retrospective"
        October - November 2003

- a major exhibition which will take a close look at the rich career of
the skillful binder, teacher, and book artist, Tim Ely who has been making
one-of-a-kind books for almost 30 years, and has become one of America's
foremost book artists.

For more information, please contact me directly.

 ----------                               ------------------------
 Jim Carmin                               Multnomah County Library
 John Wilson Room Librarian               801 SW Tenth Avenue
 Central Library                          Portland, OR 97205-2597
 jimc@multcolib.org                       503-988-6287

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