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[BOOK_ARTS-L] The Best of the Best: A Traveling Exhibition of the Guild of Book Workers - Now open at San Diego State University

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

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The Best of the Best at San Diego State University
On display until April 23, 2002

The Guild of Book Workers' traveling exhibition of members' work, The Best
of the Best, will be on display at San Diego State University's Love
Library <http://infodome.sdsu.edu/>. The Guild, founded in 1906, is a
national organization of printers, bookbinders, calligraphers, papermakers,
and other workers in the book arts. This juried exhibition, about midway
through its one and a half year tour throughout the U.S., features the work
of 33 participants from 18 states. It showcases a marvelous variety of work
produced by traditional techniques as well as the latest technologies of
inkjet printing, in both usual and unusual formats.

The exhibit can be viewed Monday-Thursday, 8am-10:30pm, Friday 8am-6pm,
Saturday Noon-6pm, Sunday Noon-10:30.  The SDSU campus is located just off
of Highway 8, east of Highway 15.  If visiting campus before 4pm,
first-time visitors to campus are encouraged to visit the parking
information window at the corner of College Avenue and Canyon Crest Drive,
where they will receive parking instructions and a map of the
campus.  Those arriving after 4pm should head for either parking structure
5, on the corner of Montezuma and 55th St (visitor parking on levels 1 and
2), or parking structure 6 on East Campus Dr., just off of Montezuma Road
(visitor parking on level 2).  If at all possible, visitors should check
out the university's map web site:  <http://www.sdsu.edu/map/>

You also can view The Best of the Best exhibition online at the Guild of
Book Workers' website <http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/byorg/gbw>. The fully
illustrated catalogue, in postcard format and housed in a hinged plexiglass
case, will be available for purchase for $20.00 in the Mortimer Rare Book
Room during November and December. The catalog can also be ordered online.

Future venues are:

May 7 - June 27
San Francisco Public Library San Francisco, CA

The exhibition can be seen online at:

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