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Advanced Book Information . . .

Ground-breaking insight on the importance of American calligraphy to the 
world of calligraphy,
this work published by Oak Knoll Press contains over 400 illustrations - 
most from original specimens!


The Golden Age of American
Penmanship and Calligraphy
by William E. Henning and edited by Paul Melzer


This work chronicles a period in American history when the ability to 
"write a good hand" was a key to prosperity both for the individual and for 
the nation. In his account of the teacher-student lineage of seven master 
penmen, author William E. Henning effectively disproves the popular notion 
that the United States passed through a dark age in the nineteenth century 
during which the lettering arts were lost or ignored. Instead, we see that 
the numbers of expert penmen abounded during this time and into the 
twentieth century.

Henning guides the reader through the lives and careers of some of the most 
important American penmen in history. A
partial list of famous penmen the author covers are: Platt Rogers Spencer, 
the Father of American Handwriting; George A. Gaskell (Spencer's gifted 
student), whose books and periodicals reached hundreds of thousands of 
students throughout the second half of the 1800s; Louis Madarasz, 
considered the most skillful of all writers in shaded script; Austin N. 
Palmer, whose method of penmanship was taught throughout American schools, etc.

With over 400 illustrations, many from the authors fathers collection 
which he began in the early 1890s. An Elegant Hand offers an exciting and 
detailed view of the many styles of penmanship and calligraphy: Spencerian 
Script; Ornamental Penmanship; flourished designs of birds; Copperplate; 
business writing (many variations); broad-pen calligraphy, especially 
German Text and Old English; and many other styles. The work also features 
a glossary of terms and  a selection from the elder Henning's memoirs 
describing his earliest years in the profession.

March 2002, hardcover, 8 x 11 inches
320 pages, 400 illustrations
ISBN 1-58456-067-3
Order No. 68991 - Price $59.95 or 42.00

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Publicity & Marketing Director
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