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[BOOK_ARTS-L] Antique Photo Album Help

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Hi,  I've agreed to help somebody partially save an old antique photo album.
It's a once beautiful album sitting on top of an old music box stand.  It is
in horrible shape with the pages completely ripped from the hinges, the paper
on the pages ripped off, and torn in all the wrong places.  I am NOT going to
restore this album but I've agreed to help the person get the album so it at
least holds the pages togather.  I don't think the album is worth a lot of
money (because of it's condition) but it does have sentimental value to the
person I'm helping.
Saying all this, here's my question(s):  Since there's absolutely no cloth or
any trace of hinges left, I'm going to have to make my own.  What's the best
way to make a new hinge for an old album?  I'm thinking of using Kinnert as
the hinge cloth, but do I glue the cloth to the outside of the page?  (The
original had the cloth on the inside of the paper, but it's so brittle I'll
never be able to lift it without damage).  The book's so bad, that I have the
hinge "page stubs" in my left hand, while holding the pages in my right.  Is
is acceptable to glue cloth to the outside of a page?  Any ideas that anyone
would have would be greatly appreciated.
p.s.  I love this kind of stuff.  This is why I joined the list several years

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