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Re: [BKARTS] Inquiry Re Paste Paper

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In a message dated 3/31/02 5:57:15 PM Eastern Standard Time,
jdwilling@AKAMAIL.COM writes:
> First, is there an appreciable difference in the quality of acylic paints
> when used in paste papers?  I don't know if it's necessary to use top
> quality acrylics.  Will lower grade acrylics crack and peel?

A higher grade of acrylic is preferable - not because of cracking and peeling
but because of the higher pigment load - more color with less paint.
> And, what is the best consistency of acrylic for use in paste paper?

The tube acrylics are fine. I prefer Golden. Look at the color charts to see
which colore are the most opaque - they will work the best. You can also
color with pure pigment (such as Twinrocker) and use some Matte medium in you
paste to amke them waterproof. Vinyl colos such as Flashe work well also.

> Finally, though I have a plethora of paste paper recipes, few if any
> discuss the type of paper to be used.

I prefer Arches Text Wove. I have also used lana laid. For practice work I
like brown kraft paper, but of course there are archival issues there. I have
also used a black kraft paper that framer's use and it is nice. The paper
needs to have a softer finish and good wet strength. I have been told that
some people like Mohawk Superfine, but I did not care for it.
> There is an exxtensive discusion of paste papers in the archives.


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