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Re: [BKARTS] Inquiry Re Paste Paper

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I've been reading with great interest the posts on paste paper.

I agree that Arches Text Wove is probably the easiest paper to work with. It
takes any amount of punishment without the slightest grumble!


Sometimes the best results can be obtained from a paper that is difficult and
uncooperative. I have some paper that I treasure as it is no longer available. It
was made in the 1940's. The size is patchy so the paper curls and wrinkles
in strange ways when I damp it down. Getting it to lie flat on my board takes
time and patience, but the end result has a translucence that I've not been
able to get from other papers.

I have used some Italian papers, Vergella, and Vergara Avorio which are also
quite distinctive in their finished look. The Vergella (90gsm and 120gsm [I
think]) is a fairly translucent paper to begin with and has distinctive laid lines
which I find attractive. It has a slickness which doesn't allow the paste to
penetrate into the paper but tends to perch on top. The Vergara Avorio also
has laid lines but these are more subtle and mainly visible from one side
only. It has a velvety finish and the paste penetrates well.

I have used various acrylic paints, preferring the thicker ones. Golden are
wonderful, especially the Quinacridone Gold, but sadly not distributed in
Australia. Atelier are also good and the Winsor & Newton Finity range. We
have a cheaper brand here called Jo Sonja which is used by Folk Art folk and
that works well too, depending on the colours.

Some of the most stunning results I have found using acrylic inks. Ziller
produce a wonderful range of colours and their pigments are so intense that
they can be watered down for softer colours and the colours blend splendidly.

I have quite a few of my paste papers in a separate section on my website
which you can find at the link below. I think I have named the paper and
medium on most of them.

The point of these ramblings is that it's sometimes a good idea to explore
the results of less than cooperative materials if the end result warrants the
initial frustrations.

regards from downunder
ceciliaBook Arts List


cecilia (sharpley)
montrose, victoria, australia

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