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Re: [BKARTS] What is leatherette?

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I've also had customers ask for "leatherette" and upon questioning it
turns out they are referring to bonded leather.

For those not familiar with bonded leather it's a manufactured
material that uses scraps of leather, much the same as fiber board is
made from wood scraps.

The bits are somehow reconstituted - pressed? - into rolls or sheets.
The finish and grain are also not naturally occurring.  It is
available in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Bonded leather is often used in high volume commercial binding
because it is machine friendly.  The sheets will easily pass through
a glue machine and it requires no parring because it's so thin to
begin with.

The fun part is when you see a 40 yard roll trying to imagine the
size of cow that would be necessary.  :)

- Duncan

>I think Leatherette was a trade name for imitation leather that
>finally ended in the public domain, like Thermos. Current usage
>seems to describe vinyl or other non-leather goods that have the
>appearance of leather, and substitute for it in traditional uses.
>I've also seen (from the far east) mention of "imitation leatherette",
>perhaps conjured up by some customs dignitary with not enough to do.
>best regards,
>Tony Archer

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