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Re: [BKARTS] Seeking book repair advice

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You need to provide more information.  How did you make the album--is it sewn
through the folds, or is it a post-binding?  Glued?  Is the grain of the paper
parallel to the backbone of the book, or does it run perpendicular to it.  How
big is the book?

I'm not visualizing what you mean by the case spine being wider than the
textblock.  To my thinking the case isn't going to inhibit the openability of
the book, unless the spine is side-sewn or fixed by means of chicago screws or
something similar.  Or if the book is very narrow or the grain is wrong for
the proper flexibility of the leaves.

Eugene, OR

Tasmyn Scarl Front wrote:
> Hi there-
> I ran into a big snaffoo while making a photo album and hoping there is a
> solution out there.  After completing it, I discovered it wouldn1t lay flat
> when I opened it. I1m pretty sure the problem is that the spine of the
> case/cover is wider then the spine of the text block.
> Since I pasted one page of the end paper on both the front and back cover
> and behind that is an internal hinge with the ends of the tapes pasted on
> them, I have no idea how to take it apart without ruining the whole thing.
> My only guess is that perhaps I could 3cut out2 the end papers and internal
> hinge, taking at least a layer of the book board with it, undo the cloth
> (which is just on the spine and overlaps the front and back cover about 22
> on each side), cut down the spine board and put new cloth on and then
> hopefully paste back in the text block.
> I want to make sure I fix this correctly, and I1m hoping there1s a way to
> fix this without starting over.
> Help!!
> Any help with this mess is greatly appreciated!
> Thanks in advance-
> Tasmyn
> --
> Tasmyn Scarl Front
> tasmyn@earthlink.net

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