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Re: [BKARTS] Paste Paper Tools

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In a message dated 4/11/02 8:59:11 AM, Michelle_Venditelli@BROWN.EDU writes:

<< A fun find is a rubber tool found in craft stores
and even Home Depot etc. in the paint techniques section.  It has notches
on 4 sides for different patterns and it costs about 5 or 6 dollars. >>

you can get a very similar tool made out of plastic in any hardware
store---used as an adhesive spreader for grout when laying tile. i only pay
about $2 for mine. i like the ones with square notches much better than
triangular notches---the triangular ones just leave very tiny lines.

my other favorite tools are an old credit card and the little samples of
formica you get at kitchen design places. you can flex them just enough to
leave an interesting texture in the middle of the line while scraping away
toward the outer edges.

also you can use stencils both under and on top of the paper--- i did 2
broadsides as birth announcement for a friend who's chinese american by
cutting chinese characters for various phrases that had to do with children
out of manilla folders. i put the stencils under the paper in a frame
arrangement and then paste-papered.  the characters were there but very
subtle. i ended up using that paper for both little girls born in that
family---- lettered straight on the first one, and then for the second one
used a big leftover strip that just showed part of the characters on either
side of it as a background with another similar paper over it where i put the
lettering. both turned out really well...

have fun---
LeeAnne Mallonee

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