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[BKARTS] CBA Workshop April 27-28

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

If you're in the NYC area, I'm scheduled to be teaching a Link Stitch
Variations workshop at the Center for Book Arts, and so far it hasn't filled
so I'm putting out a little call to see if I can drum up a few more of y'all
for it.(And if not, well, I get a weekend in the city with nothing on my
schedule: win-win!)

It's a workshop for people with some OR no experience. It starts by bending
the curved needles we'd need and using them to make a traditional Coptic
binding; we spin off from there into various ways of using a link-stitch,
unsupported sewing as the basis for a series of bound books. You'd leave
with five little books, including a photo album that really exploits the
link-stitch sewing, and a structure of my own invention that is very tidy
and mysterious (experienced binders:puzzle your colleagues!)If you've done
Coptic binding and wondered "Well this was very interesting but what do I DO
with it?" or find that your confidence with link stitch needs a booster
shot, or if you have no idea what I'm talking about but like the idea of a
pleasant weekend learning something interesting, you can call the CBA at 212
481 0295 and sign up. Or not, and I'll gorge myself on museums. xoxo Cory

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