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Re: [BKARTS] Cloth Books for Babies and Toddlers

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Here are three how-to books about making cloth books from the Editions

Marilyn Gossett, Let' Make a Quiet Book: 13 Pages of Quiet Time Fun &
Learning, 1996, ISBN 1-56231-331-2, Hot Off The Press, soft cover, 11"H x
8.5"W, 16 pages, Directions and patterns for making Teddy Bear Tic-Tac-Toe,
Girl with Curly Hair & Accessories, Match the Shapes, Textures, Counting to
Nine, Daytime/Nighttime, Four Seasons, Shoestring & Zipper, and Bedtime,
plus instructions for cutting out patterns and binding the book.

Anne Pellowski, How to Make Cloth Books for Children: A Guide to Making
Personalized Books (No-Sew Techniques!), 1992, ISBN 0-8019-8398-3, Chilton
Book Company, soft cover, 11"H x 8.5"W, 90 pages, Chapters include:
Introduction, Organizing, Planning, Making, Finishing, Bibliography,
Resources, and Index.

Barbara Williams and Carol Grundmann, 26 Lively Letters: Making an ABC Quiet
Book, 1977, ISBN 0-8008-7918-X, Taplinger Publishing Co., Inc., hard cover,
9.5"H x 8"W, 96 pages, A quick introduction includes sections on: Preparing
the Pages, Materials and Tools Needed, Selecting the Materials, Making the
Pages, Transferring the Patterns, and General Hints for Success.  The bulk
of the book is made of instructions, patterns and black & white photos for
the alphabet pages.

As a bonus, here are three more books with ideas for books that will be
especially appealing to children:

Gillian Chapman and Pam Robson, Making Books: a step-by-step guide to your
own publishing, 1991, ISBN 1-56294-169-0, The Millbrook Press, hard cover,
11"H x 8.5"W,  32 pages, divided into two sections, Making Books:
Easy-to-make booklets, Rag books, Tactile books, Zigzag books, Scrolls, TV
books, Sewn and bound books, Surprise pictures, and Pop-up pictures; and,
Planning and Design: Planning your book, Book Shapes, Printing and marbling,
Collage, Making a portfolio, Lettering, How to trace, and Alphabet.

Gillian Chapman and Pam Robson, Making Shaped Books: with Patterns, 1993,
ISBN 1-56294-560-2, The Millbrook Press, hard cover, 11"H x 8.5"W,  32
pages, the contents include: Introduction, How to make a book, Simple
shapes, Farm animal shapes, Wild animal shapes, Moving shapes, Building
shapes, Green shapes, symmetrical shapes, Zigzag shapes, Mini-shapes, My
shape, Pattern shapes 1, Pattern shapes 2, and crazy shapes.

Charlotte Stowell, Step-by-Step Making Books, 1994, ISBN 1-85697-518-5,
Kingfisher, soft cover, 40 pages, the contents include: What You Need,
Making Books, Folders and Wallets, Sewing the Pages, Making Covers, Printing
Patterns, Collage Covers, Bookmarks, Designing Books, Adding Pictures,
Novelty Notebooks, Zigzag Books, Pop-Up Books, Flaps and Movers, Peek-in
Books, and More Ideas.

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