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[BKARTS] American Print Alliance Memorial Portfolio

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Subject: American Print Alliance Memorial Portfolio

Dear artists,

Many printmakers attending the SGC conference didn't know about the Alliance
's Memorial Portfolio project, so I am sending this note to tell  everyone
about the portfolio and exhibition and to encourage you to contribute a
print. The idea of commemorating the victims of the September 11 attacks
with a memorial of art on paper, rather than stone or steel, is a reflection
of our art. The portfolio is a simple and prevalent format among
printmakers, which allows even a large group of prints to be sent for
exhibition to many venues. And this portfolio will be very large, because we
want to memorialize each life lost with a work of art.

This Memorial Portfolio is not about the economic, political or military
consequences of September 11. It's our way to turn the symbolism around.
Thousands of people died because they were in a country that respects
freedom of religion and speech and that encourages individuals to reach
their full potential. We can celebrate their individuality in that spirit of
creativity. We can show the families and friends of victims that we care,
and we can exhibit the portfolio in many communities to help demonstrate the
role of the arts in life.

The Alliance board of directors - one representative from each council -
thought deeply about the issues; the discussion can be read on our website.
They decided to accept any work of art on paper, not just prints. The size,
10" x 8" in a vertical format, would remind people of the rain of papers
from the World Trade Center towers, but differ enough to feel more like
pictures in a family album. Each image will be as distinct as the artist,
and how to commemorate a life is entirely up to you: landscapes, figures,
city scenes, abstracts, all are welcome. The only requirement for
participation is that you be a member of one of our councils (see the list
at the end) or a subscriber to our journal, Contemporary Impressions;
student members and subscribers are especially encouraged to take part.
Entry is free to members of this community.

If you don't have time to cut a new block or etch a plate, won't you pull a
monoprint next time you're in the studio? Work into a fragment cut from a
proof or enlarge a detail from a snapshot. We can include almost any
original 2-d work on paper, including simple ink or pencil drawings, but the
paper size must be 10" high x 8" wide. PLEASE read the instructions and
print the submission form at
www.printalliance.org/exhibits/sept_11_memorial/memorial_portfolio.html. (If
you can't access the site, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the
Alliance office and we'll mail you a copy.) We won't have thousands of
artworks for the Memorial if everyone leaves it to someone else: we need you
to take part - one work from each artist! Names of all donating artists will
be listed on our web site and every image shown on the site will be
captioned. The promise of displaying such large numbers of prints (like the
international biennials) opens a whole new set of venues to us. We will
accept work as long as possible into the summer and will post updates on the
web, but the number received by early May will determine our access to
certain venues, so please send your work as soon as possible.

If you've read the journal, seen an exhibit I've curated, talked with me at
a conference, you know that I'm passionate about prints and a vocal advocate
for artists. So, even if you don't have any other reason for taking part in
this Memorial, please do it for me.
Carol Pulin
Director, American Print Alliance

non-profit consortium of printmakers' councils
302 Larkspur, Peachtree City GA 30269
www.PrintAlliance.org, director@printalliance.org

* American Color Print Society, Baren Woodcut Forum, Boston Printmakers,
Conseil quebecois de l'estampe, Florida Printmakers, Honolulu Printmakers,
Los Angeles Printmaking Society, Manitoba Printmakers Association, Maryland
Printmakers, Mid America Print Council, Monotype Guild of New England, New
York Society of Etchers, Northwest Print Council, Nova Scotia Printmakers
Association, Pittsburgh Print Group, The Print Center, Printmakers Council
of Prince Edward Island, Printmaking Council of New Jersey, Seattle Print
Arts, Society of American Graphic Artists, Southern Graphics Council *

Forgive us if you receive duplicate copies of this message, we are using
multiple mailing lists and list serves to reach as many artists as possible.

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