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[BKARTS] book suggestions

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Hello, book folks -

I am writing to request recommendations for a text to use in a class called Making Text, which will consider text from cave-painting to the WorldWideWeb. The purposes of the class are partly English Comp II, but I'll be teaching some simple book structures, and everyone is expected to make a handmade book (with their own content) and a web page, as well as writing a research paper on a textual tradition that interests the student. BTW, I'm probably going to have them buy LaPlantz for the practical end of things.

I looked at Jerome Rothenberg's *A Book of the Book* because the range of content is nicely broad, but the level of the writing is WAAAAAY to high - Í'm teaching college sophomores, mostly at the lower end of the intellectuality scale.

Any suggestions for something comprehensive, IN PRINT and not outrageously expensive would be most welcome.

I'm dreaming of something that includes articles on cave art, cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Meso-American writing systems, illuminated manuscripts, brief histories of papermaking and of books, a little cross-cultural stuff on calligraphy. something on Gutenberg, a little not-to-heavy theory about what "text" has come to mean, a little Keith Smith, something historical or theoretical about artist books and book arts --- you see what I mean...

I can use the web, esp. Philobiblion, for a lot, but I'd rather not have to put together a reserve shelf or a course pack if there's a decent alternative in print.


Judy Kerman
Judith B. Kerman
Professor of Humanities
Saginaw Valley State University

During the Winter 2002 semester, I am in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on
Fulbright. However, I will check my email regularly at kerman@svsu.edu and at jbkerman@hotmail.com

For photos and comments about my trip, go to http://www.unibe.edu.do/kerman/postcards

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