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[BKARTS] book content

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It was pleasing to see discussion on the importance of book content.

I know of many friends who have made splendid books and then wonder what
on earth to write in them. It seems to me that it is a far more worthwhile task
to wrap your content in a suitable binding. I too have blank books which I
made during bookbinding classes many years ago which have never been
written it. To me they are completely soul-less.

Regarding the preservation of digital material. My son has been travelling
overseas since last October. As well as the many "can you please
send......" etc., emails, every few weeks he writes a detailed account of his
travels which he bulk emails to the family and all his friends. His writing is
colourful, amusing and very descriptive, and talks in depth of the many
people he meets and spends time with - even though they do not speak the
same languages. These emails seemed far too precious to be lost, so I have
collated them and printed them into a book. I kept his opening greetings and
his sign offs, such as 'Timbo of Arabia', and drew small illustrations, relevant
to the text, to fill empty spots at the end of some pages. I used double folded
paste papers as covers and a coptic binding. My son was so surprised that
his 'scribblings' had been thought worthy of such a labour intensive
excercise. To the family members who received these, they are highly

cecilia (sharpley)
montrose, victoria, australia

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