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[BKARTS] Trends and Influences

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> Subject: Trends and influences
> I'm writing to ask you "what trends and or
> influences have you noticed in the book arts this
> last year? Daved

I find an increased interest in the "personal" - both
in the book arts classes I teach related to personal
narrative, as well as an increased interest in my
artwork and those of book artists engaged in
narratives relating to personal experience, especially
since 9/11.  I get contacted for slides to be used in
lectures and workshops that are not necessarily
art-related.  I also find there is a great interest in
books with a more intimate content, especially when
presenting slides and work on contemporary book arts
to college-aged students.

Hope this is helpful.

mindy belloff  ~  mabell                                        http://www.IntimaPress.com

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