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Re: [BKARTS] Type in North America

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> It's an interesting notion about the used type. When and where was the
> type foundry established in North America?

A quick search of the very complete timeline in the 1955 issue of I.T.U.
(International Typographical Union) Lessons in Printing, Elements of
Composition, Unit 1 found these "firsts" for North America...

1539 - First press set up in the Americas; Mexico City, Mexico by Pablos

1638 - First press in the United States; Cambridge, Mass. Operated by Daye:
"Freeman's Oath" was first printed piece.

1775 - First daily newspaper in America: Philadelphia Packet, Philadelphia

1796 - Archibald Binny and James Ronaldson established the typefoundry in
Philadelpia that is now the American Type Founders Sales Corporation.
(Doesn't specify this as 'first', however, but no other typefounder is

1812 - First type specimen book by an American foundry. Issued by Binny &
Ronaldson Foundry, Philadelphia

This is a terrific book, very thorough in technical information and speaks
of the printing profession in a wonderful way;

"Each individual is under supreme obligation - an obligation that he cannot
escape or evade - to discover whatever abilities he may possess and them
prepare himself thoroughly for the maximum service of which he is capable in
his chosen field" pg.7

"You, too, who take up printing and learn to love it, may find joy and
satisfaction in its practice. If you find inspiration in such humble things
as setting type and impressing it on paper, you will surely be called to do
more influential work and will come to know that you are brother to an
illustrious lineage which has ennobled a profession as inspiring as ever was
practiced by any group of men. May we, who print, be worthy of it." pg.10

Of course, a 'she' here and there would make it even more inspiring...

with best wishes,

Pendleton, Oregon

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