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[BKARTS] Trends and Accordion Books

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Book arts has never seemed to me to be about trends
--unless one looks to Sumerset Magazine.  What makes
book arts so exciting is the range of expression,
the means of making that happen, those that care
about form, those interested in content, function
and everyone in between.

How can one tire of looking at accordions, or any structure
for that matter, if it engages, informs or entertains
with content, images and skilled workmanship?
And, I believe, almost nothing compares
to the accordion structure for show-ability.
What's more frustrating than to look at
a double-page spread of an artist book?
Or the cover of a content filled book?

I would challenge the book arts community to
demonstrate the creative possibilities of
one project within an accordion structure.

As book artists attempt to be more and more inventive,
sometimes to the point of kitsch, I believe we must be careful
not to lose the focus of our ideas.

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