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Re: [BKARTS] Trends and Influences

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Hi Folks:

I am one of the lurkers on this list but this is a very interesting thread I
thought I might have
something to contribute. Not that I have been around for years or that I see
any emerging trends, but because I think I am one of those people with a new
interest in book arts.

I am not an artist in that I do not derive any income from making books. I
came to making books because I started taking photographs (1976) and ran out
of space on my walls. I also wanted to group certain pictures with text and
present them as a story. That led me to take a book binding class (1998). So
it was content that brought me to book binding.

I make all sorts of empty books because I like to experiment. Finding unique
materials and trying to combine them does not always work but as it is for
my leisure and creative outlet, why not? I have a closet full of ideas and
"stuff" I hope some day will see the light of day in the form of a book, but
for now with my family and day job, they will have to wait.

Garry Dodman
London, CANADA

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