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Re: [BKARTS] [Re: [BKARTS] [[BKARTS] Cotton, Flax or Hemp CLoth]]

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Hi Susanne-

Thanks for bringing up this good point.  Things aren't always what they 
seem (or say) to be.

best regards,


susanne martin <alavee15@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
Be careful not to rely on what the tag says, I have sometimes found it to be
innacurate. One way to make sure that there are no synthetics in your fiber
is to give it the "burn" test. Cut a little strip and burn it up entirely.
If the product is ash then you are OK, if there are any solids then there
are synthetics mixed in. Also be sure to only use parts of the fabric that
have not been sewn together, often the thread used in attaching the pieces
has synthetic fibers in it. Good luck!   Susanne

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