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I am teaching a six-week course in beginning bookbinding at the local
art school/museum. Classes are 2 1/2 hours, once a week. In addition I
scheduled a weekend trip to the bindery so the students could see the

We began with the slit spine binding in Keith Smith with a strap. We
used vellum to make the covers and Hahnemullė Schiller for the paper.
Then we did a coptic book and then a simple case binding with a
slipcase. The latter actually took two classes. Our last class -- next
week -- will be a flag book į la Hedi Kyle, so we're ending with an
accordion structure!

I learned a lot teaching this class. The first structure was simple and
fun for everyone. Attaching the back cover to the coptic book really
challenged some of the students and by the case binding a couple --
there are ten in the class -- said bookbinding was "too much work."

That leads me to believe there is room for all 'levels' of instruction.
In Austin Book Workers this year, we tackled a new, fairly simple
binding each month, and I think all of us loved it. So it seems to me
that most people who love books will love the simple, art book
structures. As the structures get more complicated, more students lose
interest or will to do them.

I would like to continue teaching this course while adding a
once-a-month PAID visit to the bindery 'course,' sort of an independent
study where folks could come, ask questions, cut boards and paper, etc.
Of course my fantasy is to win the lottery and establish a sort of coop
book arts center... but!
-- w   e   n   d   y    h   a   l   e    d   a   v   i   s
w o r l d b r i d g e r @ e a r t h l i n k . n e t
   infinite gratitude for the past
       infinite service in the present
          infinite responsibility for the future --

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