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[BKARTS] the continuing saga of the bookish quote

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So, for those of you who recall the thread about Bookish Quotes of two or
three weeks back, and how one quote was chosen from amongst those sent from
the Book Arts and Letterpress Lists, and how an announcement would be sent
out once there was a finished stack of broadsides at the Vandercook, no
sooner, so as not to jinx anything... well, so much for that jinxless
reasoning. A matter of disintegrating linoleum caused us to jump ship,
temporarily. But the perfect proof print has been chosen and is on its way
towards becoming a plate, and the type is ready and set to go, and so we
hope to have that broadside printed in the next couple of weeks, finally.

THEN we'll announce the chosen quote, the winner will receive a few
broadsides, and we'll make the rest available on the Red Wagon website for
those of you who have expressed some interest.

You bet your life!
John, for John Cutrone and Seth Thompson
Red Wagon Bookworks

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