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Re: [BKARTS] Subject: book suggestions

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Alice Simpson suggests: that you make a book of your own. Then, whatever your students come up with won't disappoint you... BUT, that said, what they do
come up with may be quite a pleasant surprise!

Thanks, Alice -

Since I don't want to *write* the book myself, I guess this would really be the "course-pack" approach, whether or not I bind it myself. (Or do you mean something else?) But I really don't want to have to hassle with getting permissions.

I keep hoping there's a book in existence that covers most of what I want (especially if combined witht the Web and Keith Smith).

Judith B. Kerman
Professor of Humanities
Saginaw Valley State University

During the Winter 2002 semester, I am in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on
Fulbright. However, I will check my email regularly at kerman@svsu.edu and at jbkerman@hotmail.com

For photos and comments about my trip, go to http://www.unibe.edu.do/kerman/postcards

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