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[BKARTS] Pricing leather jobs

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I am posting this as a favor to Charles Schermerhorn:

    Though leather is not a large part of my binding work, its use does
arise, mostly in bibles, but sometimes in other work as well.
    I realized, the other day, that in a previous trade in which I engaged
we factored the cost of the materials used at about 150% of our cost, which
covered not only the material used but the excess short bits and waste which
    It would seem logical to do the same thing with those jobs which require
us cutting up skins - from which might come only one book or perhaps two or
three at most.
    Reviewing past invoices, I see that most of the skins I have bought
range from about $17 per square foot to as high as $30 or more.  At the high
end that figures to a bit over twenty cents per square inch, and if one book
requires, say, a piece 11" x 18" that amounts to almost $40 for that piece,
at cost.  If one increases that by fifty percent to cover waste, then we get
$60 that piece.  And , by rights, the estimate on labor, at say $20 an hour,
goes on top of that.
    I would be interested in hearing from those who use leather to any
extent about how they go about determining the cost of a job, given these
    Feel free to post answers on the List, but respond to me, personally, if
you will, by my e-mail address:  schermie@earthlink.net
Charles Schermerhorn

Betty Storz
Betty Storz
PO Box 542
Mendocino, CA  95460
e-mail storz@mcn.org

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