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Re: [BKARTS] FW: Sizing Question

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Hello Katie,
In considering sizing and dampening paper, think clean up with sponges.  If
you want to pick up the most liquid a very dry stiff sponge doesn't work
very well; neither does a wet one.  The best is when all fibers are soft
and expanded.  Some paper is soft from little size, but there are drawbacks
to such paper, it may print well b ut soils easily and soaks up and spreads
ink like a blotter, some is hard sized and would take a lot of wetting like
some watercolor papers, or are smooth and hard and work well with the thin
layers of offset ink, some of the proof papers for the vandercook proof
press were actually frosted plastic so as to hold the maximus ink on the
surface for reproduction.  For letter press and other relief printing, ink
and paper surface are controlled to have the desired ink penetration.  You
either print with ink or pressure and inks and papers have to be adjusted
to the pressure used to get the desired imprint.  Hope this helps, Charlie


Charles D. Jones
LaNana Creek Press
Crazy Creek Press

Nacogdoches, Texas

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