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Re: [BKARTS] Pricing leather jobs

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One of the decisions I made when my lab opened up in 1976 was to
keep record keeping as simple as possible.  For that reason I've
never added a multiplier to the cost of goods kept in stock for
work at the bench.

To do so would require that I maintain an inventory for tax purposes,
and while that would not be too difficult for a few skins and the odd
stack of paper, when it comes to measuring out a few grams from a
500 gram container and logging those grams on the work sheet and an
inventory sheet, and then doing an annual reconciliation....

I have some 200 chemicals in the lab, some of which are used only once
every 3-5 years.  Not worth my time and effort to keep those records.
It's enough trouble to keep track of all the MSDS's!

So I expense all supplies in the year they were acquired and it becomes
part of the overhead.

If a project comes in which requires a skin/paper/chemical which I do
not have I order it and bill it to the customer at my cost (including
shipping) and they are welcome to anything left over.

And my labor rate is enough over $20/hr that I would lose money doing
an inventory.


>I am posting this as a favor to Charles Schermerhorn:
>    Though leather is not a large part of my binding work, its use does
>arise, mostly in bibles, but sometimes in other work as well.
>    I realized, the other day, that in a previous trade in which I engaged
>we factored the cost of the materials used at about 150% of our cost, which
>covered not only the material used but the excess short bits and waste which

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