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[BKARTS] how to print "marbled" paper?

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I need some advice for an upcoming project: My father, a recently
retired university professor geologist, has completed his textbook and
can now, finally, *really* retire. I would like to nicely bind a copy of
his book as a retirement gift. The thought occured to me that most of
his rock samples, when viewed under a microscope, have beautifully
coloured random geometric patterns, and that if I could get a picture of
this and reproduce it on the right paper, it would make a great
substitute for the marbled paper that one would normally put on the
covers of a quarter- or half-leather binding. This would be very cool.

I'm supposing that the easiest way to do this would be via a computer
inkjet (or other colour) printer. (Other suggestions?) What printer has
ink durable enough to be used on the cover of a book? What sort of paper
should I use? Is there a way to treat (coat?) the paper after printing
to make the design more durable?

Many thanks.

Karl F. Best
karl@karlbest.com                    "I cannot live without books."
Chelmsford, MA                              - Thomas Jefferson, 1815

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