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Hello All,
I saw this and thought many of you might be interested. I must say I have not used it, but if I had it I would certainly give it a try....
Bright Moments,

InBooklet 2.0 expands InDesign's printing capabilities by impose InDesign documents into printer spreads, selecting what pages or range of pages to impose and what spreads or range of spreads to print. InBooklet also contains a Preview for impositions allowing for necessary changes before you print.

InBooklet does not rearrange or shuffle the pages in a document; all the reordering is handled in the print stream.

It handles 2-Up Saddle Stitch, 2-Up Perfect Bound, 2-Up Consecutive, 3-Up Consecutive, 4-Up Consecutive and can start an imposition at any page in the document. It can control plate margins, horizontal and vertical gaps, bleeds, crossover trapping, and creep, and set Printer's Marks for Crop and Registration

See <http://alap.com/products/inbooklet.html>

Currently for Mac only (System 9.1 or later and InDesign 2.0 or later) at US$79.99 for a single user license. Upgrades from 1.x to 2.0 are priced at US$19.99.

Selling for $49.99 at maczones

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