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Re: [BKARTS] single sheets and signatures

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Tipping in, or glueing works best for ma and can be done before or
after a book is sewn.

If the page can be pasted in on the front of a signiture that is
ideal but tipping in can be done after a book is sewn and trimmed,
but not yet cased in.

You need a box with a good solid back and side to use as a guide to
tip onto unsewn signitures. Fan out the tip-ins in piles of 20-30
and apply padding cement to the edge that will be stuck to the
signiture. Tipping to the recto is better than tipping to the
After the tip-in's are glued lay a signiture in the box against the
back and left side, then lay the tip-in on top, adhesive side down
and run a finger over the join. Repeat untill you run out of
tip-in's, empty the box and start again. it takes a little practice
to evenly fan the tip-ins so that an even strip of glue is laid
onto each sheet in the stack, a good starting point is just over

If the tip-in is the same size as the signitures it will be trimmed
to the same size as the page.

To tip into a sewn book block you do not need to use the box as a
guide but you will lift the 20-30 sheets to the left of the tip in
to be a guide. Make the tip-in 1/4" shorter and 1/8" narrower than
the trim size because the book will not be trimmed again. Make the
glued edge about 1/4" shorter than the top and bottom of the sheet
to avoid stuck sheets.

Just as you want to wrap 4 or 8 page signitures around another
signiture, for the same reason wrap a 4 or 8 page insert around
another signiture. (This does not, of course, apply to (im)perfect


--- Cal Smith <cals@INTERSTROOM.NL> wrote:

> Hello:
> My questions seem to come in pairs...
> What techniques are there for including single sheets in a
> multi-signature book? Is there a way to sew a single sheet into a
> signature? Between signatures? Would appreciate any suggestions
> or
> directions to sources.
> Thanks again,
> Cal Smith
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