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Re: [BKARTS] Content

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Hi Alice, Lani, and list,
I'm responding to Lani's message on content:

Hence, an intensive investigation of the the relationship between content
and form, and learning how to work "from the inside out," is right up my
alley! And I've already got plans for the bindings I hope to learn this


I find I face similar challenges, Lani, as you wrote about.  Books always
start from content, usually my own text, and move outward through images to
paper to format and structure.  The longer I sit with an idea, or more
specifically, lie awake with it, the more likely the book will gain
coherence in the details.  In a workshop setting this often is difficult to
accomplish, unless one comes with an idea -- and that can be dangerous, too,
I find.

And too often all the wonderful structures I've learned or seen in books
either flee my brain when I need them, or just aren't "it", after all.

So what to do?  1) Make blank books with beautiful papers in workshops and
put them on the shelf in my studio to stare at me.  2) Take Susan King's
workshop this summer and figure it all out!  See you there.


Martha Hall
76 Dipper Cove Road
Orr's Island, ME 04066

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