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Re: [BKARTS] HELP: metal letterpress type

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I'm hoping someone out there can help.


This is where I need help. I know with traditional
letterpresses, oil based ink is used. If possible, I would like to use
something water based (I am allergic to oil paint & I really don't like the
fumes for solvents to clean up oil based ink). I have tried acrylic paint
(rolling it out with a brayer), but the results have been either gloppy (even
though I am applying it even on the type) or uneven.

Has anyone tried using metal type in this way? Does anyone have any
suggestions? Is there anything I can get that is easily available at an art or
craft supply store?


Thanks in advance for your help!
preston, ct

Dear Sheri

Neither water-based inks or acrylic will effect transfer well to metal type.
Oil based inks were used in 15th-century Flanders for painting on metal and it
is thought that Gutenberg got the formula from this source. Hard to improve on that.

Printers' rubber-based inks are hybrids (in terms of your allergic reaction)
so will not solve the problem.



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