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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 29 Apr 2002 to 30 Apr 2002 (#2002-118)

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Hello friends,
    I am writing to ask you all to join us as we congratulate our 2002
Graduate class. Please join us for a spectacular journey through the
eyes of our artists.

Hope you can join us!

The staff at Book and Paper

Media Contact:  Micki Leventhal, 312-344-7383,
mleventhal@popmail.colum.edu or
Carol Bryant, 312-344-7524, cbryant@popmail.colum.edu


Interdisciplinary Graduate Show at Columbia College Features
Performance, Installation, Video, Poetry, Sculpture and Book Arts

Chicago, April 2002 — From echoes of ancient India to high-tech time
arts, students in Columbia’s Interdisciplinary Arts & Interdisciplinary
Book & Paper Arts graduate programs employ a vast array of media to
explore themes of culture, memory, relationships, home, sensuality and
spirituality in their Spring thesis show, 12 Past.

Running from mid-May to mid-June, 12 Past is a multi-media, multi-venue
undertaking showcasing the work of students who will be receiving
Master of Arts degrees in Interdisciplinary Arts or Master of Fine Arts
degrees in Interdisciplinary Book & Paper Arts. (A detailed schedule
follows below.) Exhibitions and performances are free and open to the
public. Call 312-344-6630 or 312-344-7669 for more information.

“12 Past, this year's Interdisciplinary Arts MA and MFA thesis
exhibitions and performances are as varied and fascinating as the
themselves,” says Suzanne Cohan-Lange, chair of the Interdisciplinary
Arts Department. “Twelve different artists, writers and performers are
presenting a wide spectrum of works ranging from room-sized
installations, to delicate paintings on Korean rice paper to
post-post-modern folk
singers who chronicle the love affair between spirituality and consumer
culture. There is even a ‘video book’ waiting for you to turn the pages
a performer waiting for you to ‘test’ her. 12 Past is wacky, intense,
sexually explicit, poetic, painful and fun. These artists do it all.
Come and see
for yourself.”

NOTE: A detailed schedule follows.


12 Past Schedule of Performances and Exhibitions/Installations


May 17 & 18 @ 7 pm; May 19 @ 5 pm at Prop Theatre, 4227 N. Lincoln
(Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis)

*Bloodrut by Nicole Garneau banishes menstrual shame in a thunderous
roar of drums, bodies, and voices. Performed by Garneau and Big
Smith Performance Ensemble.

*Test (How I Became an Artist) by Sung Min Lee examines the edge between
Korean and American culture through performance and
installation. The audience will grade the artist’s work as she completes
three tests based on ones she took each Christmas as a child.

*Metronomic Sensibilities by Seth Thompson chronicles the love affair
between spirituality and consumer culture through performance, video
and music.

*In His Bowtie is Really A Camera by Jim Withington the artist wonders
what it means to be “from” somewhere, how we get attached to places
and why he hasn’t quite given up on “America the Beautiful” yet.


May 15-25 at Dupreau Gallery, 4229 N. Lincoln Ave.
(Open Tuesdays ? Sundays, 4 ? 7 pm; May 17, 18 and 19 open 4 ? 10 pm)
*First Generation by Kavita Machhar explores how the culture of India
does and does not survive transportation to the USA.

*Caught in the Middle by Socorro Muciño is a video installation in which
the artist seeks metaphors for the stresses of raising children while
caring for elderly parents.

May 24 ? June 21 at Columbia’s Center for Book & Paper Arts, 1104 S.
Wabash, 2nd Floor
(Gallery Hours: Mondays ? Fridays, 10 am ? 9 pm; Saturdays 10 am ? 2 pm)

Opening Reception for the Artists: Friday, May 24, 6 ? 9 pm

* The Book of Light by Marina Draghicchio is a video book that collects
the experiences of past, present and things forgotten and remembered in
its diaphanous, light-saturated pages.

*Remembered Space by Kathryn Gemperle combines poetry and sculpture to
explore how memories of childhood, and our sense of our physical
selves, flow together through a place we call home.

*hush, don’t let the neighbors hear by Amanda Love explores the complex
narrative of home that exposes secrecy and unmasks truth, and the
stories we hold within ourselves, through artist books and sound.

*The Sacred Romance by Min Pak uses paintings in an installation to
explore the great drama of the self’s relation to the world, as a
person desires to find a home to replace one that has been erased.

*Trace by Thomas Plum is a time-art installation designed to evoke
memories in the viewer, using a combination of image, sound, light and
pair of shoes!

*Spiceography by Jessica Spring investigates the notion of “taste” in a
synaesthetic merge of spices and typeography, to evoke the intimate
connections between eating and reading.

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