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Re: [BKARTS] Hot Glue Advice

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Congratulations. After you soak it, and get it really clean I would suggest
getting food grade gelatin, instead of buying the cakes.  I got mine in a 5
pound box from a health food store that sells bulk. It's much purer. Never
let it boil, and as was suggested make it up in smaller batches, using
those up. In terms of consistency, I like it thinner rather than thicker.
For spines, you don't want to put it on so thickly that your spine gets
stiff. That thick, the glue will be very hard, and brittle, and your spine
is more likely to break/crack. Just a nice thin layer, then round/back, and
line. The hide glue is also superb for boxes, and other applications where
you need to sand. Doesn't peel like PVA.


>I've just acquired a hot glue pot, complete with crusty glue. Is there
>anything special I should know about working with hide glues? I was
>hoping to experiment with spines that were a bit more rigid without so
>many linings.

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