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Re: [BKARTS] HELP: metal letterpress type

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

    Graphic Chemical make a lovely "waterbased" relief printing ink that is
very similar to oil base relief printing ink. They are in Villapark ILL, I
use that and their etching ink too. To clean up why not use vegetable oil
(mineral oil in nicer but cost more) then simple green to remove the
vegetable oil? I use this method for intaglio on cooper plates and for
relief woodblock cutting. It works great, no paintthinner in my studio. I do
use citrus solvent (kitchen grade) found at PCC grocery stores but I bet
other stores carry it now too. You can by it at most art supply stores ( I
work in one) but that is a harsher grade of citrus solvent. This will clean
up as a paint thinner but smells of oranges and it does not make me ill as a
paint thinner will. Although there are no long term studies out yet that I
know of on citrus solvent. Daved
Printmaker and book artist
Seattle WA

Dear Daved

I recently joined the Baren Forum list. They have been talking about mixing
some of these water-based reliefs inks and also solvent concerns. Quite an
interesting list. Really down to the basics of it all. Enjoy these folks
though I haven't figured out how to post there yet. Lucky them.


All best


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