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[BKARTS] [Fwd: Oxford Companion to the Book: Call for Contributors]

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Jonathan Rose wrote:

>                         Call for Contributors:
>                    THE OXFORD COMPANION TO THE bOOK
>         Work has begun on The Oxford Companion to the Book, a one-volume global
> encyclopedia of book history, scheduled for publication in September 2005.
> The General Editor is Jonathan Rose, with Michael Suarez serving as
> Consulting Editor.  The volume will cover the following broad subject
> areas:
>         1. Genres of Books: e.g., cookbooks, confession books, commonplace books,
> dictionaries, medical books, atlases.
>         2. The Physical Book: e.g., scroll and codex, paper and other surfaces,
> bindings, furniture, ink, type, typography, design, illustration.
>         3. Authorship: General essays on the history, sociology, economics,
> organization, and theory of authorship.
>         4. Reproduction: e.g., scribes, printers, printing technology,
> lithography, typesetting, mimeograph, xerography, desktop publishing, the
> electronic book.
>         5. Publishing: Publishers, imprints, patrons, literary agents, publishers'
> readers.
>         6. Property: Copyright and other forms of literary property, such as royal
> privileges.
>         7. Distribution and Sales: e.g., booksellers (retail and wholesale),
> colporteurs, postal systems, book clubs.
>         8. Preservation: e.g., libraries and librarians, archives and archivists,
> preservation techniques, classification and cataloguing, private book
> collecting.
>         9. Suppression: Censorship, bookburning, surveillance, pornography.
>         10. Scholarship: e.g., bibliography, editing, teaching and historiography
> of literature, translation.
>         11. Reading: e.g., literacy, literary critics and criticism, reading
> habits, reception studies, literary prizes.
>         12. Case Studies: Of course it will be impossible to include entries on
> all the world's major authors and titles, but The Oxford Companion to the
> Book will selectively cover books with particularly important publishing
> and reception histories.  The entry on William Shakespeare, for example,
> will deal not with his plays in performance, but with their publication,
> editing, critical reception, and scholarly treatment.  Other likely
> candidates include the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Kells, Beowulf, The
> Tale of Genji, The Canterbury Tales, Foxe's Book of Martyrs, Don Quixote,
> Pilgrim's Progress, Robinson Crusoe, Diderot's Encyclopedia, Uncle Tom's
> Cabin, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Das Kapital, Mein Kampf, How to
> Win Friends and Influence People, Animal Farm, The Second Sex, Silent
> Spring, and the holy books of all the world's major religions.
>         13. National Histories: Concise surveys of the book histories of all the
> nations and regions of the world.
>         Prospective contributors should send a short c.v. and a list of areas of
> expertise to Jonathan Rose, Department of History, Drew University,
> Madison, NJ 07940, USA, jerose@drew.edu.  The editors also welcome (1)
> suggestions for entries that might otherwise be overlooked and (2) any
> bibliographies that will help in covering the entire literature of book
> history.

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