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Re: [BKARTS] Hot Glue Advice

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I take some of the granules, as much as I think I can use in a reasonable
(short) period of time or for the task at hand and add just enough cold
water to cover them. Let that soak in and top off again. When that's been
absorbed, turn on the pot.

I never leave the pot on longer than I need it, and thin the glue down to
the consistency I want before using. Allow to warm up again though.
Otherwise it'll congeal to quickly.

Hope this helps.


>What is the proportion of water to geletin you use for your hot glue? I
>have never been successful using hot hide glue and would like to try an
>alternative. I have Knox unflavored gelatin in packets packaged in a
>half-pound box. Each packet contains 1 tablespoon. When you make glue with
>bulk gelatin, do you use about one tablespoon in 1/4 c. distilled water?
>1/2 c.? If one makes really small batches, the pot could be cleaned out
>after every use without costing much at all. I'll check at the local health
>food store for bulk gelatin
>I am anxious to try it.

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