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[BKARTS] New work

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Dear Friends, I think I have begun to zero in on a theme for a series of new
works, though I am still exploring. I am writing to ask you for quotes, book
recommendations, thoughts, reactions to the idea of "home" or "house." Right
now the images are somewhat whimsical, as are the (admittedly) trite words I
have come up with, to wit:

Home is where the heart is
A house is not a home
Home free
Home, home on the range
Mi casa es su casa
Homeward bound
Home is where they have to take you in

As you can see from my list, poetic flights of fancy are not necessary, nor
is originality or creativity if you find yourselves wanting for these. I am
just looking for springboards from which to dive into this particular pool.
As usual, I expect this work will encompass prints, drawings, paintings
(doing REALLY tiny landscape paintings at the moment) and BOOKS, as well as
the usual assortment of cards, bookmarks and other low-end stuff for cheap.
Already thinking three dimensionally and starting to think about accompanying
words of my own.

As is usually the case, I have no clear idea what the source inspiration is
for this. It began because my kids are (finally) going to get into their own
house and I wanted to celebrate that and help them out a little financially
if I can. But lurking in the background are some slightly more sinister
influences, including the events of 9/11 and the recent addition of a
roommate to my household (a decidedly mixed blessing). So your thoughts,
ideas, quotes, recommendations, what-have-you can have a dark side as well.

Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks ahead of time for anything you wish to
contribute. Barbara Harman

P.S. For Book Arts Listers: I don't know if this would be of interest to all,
so if you don't think so, or prefer a little less exposure, please respond to
me directly.

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