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This announcement was posted to the Conservation list - thought y'all might
be interested:

Date: 8 May 2002
From: Jonathan Rose <jerose@drew.edu>
Subject: Call for papers--Oxford Companion to the Book
Call for Contributors
Oxford Companion to the Book
Work has begun on The Oxford Companion to the Book, a one-volume
global encyclopedia of book history, scheduled for publication in
September 2005. The General Editor is Jonathan Rose, with Michael
Suarez serving as Consulting Editor. The volume will cover the
following broad subject areas:
1. Genres of Books: e.g., cookbooks, confession books,
commonplace books, dictionaries, medical books, atlases.
2. The Physical Book: e.g., scroll and codex, paper and other
surfaces, bindings, furniture, ink, type, typography,
design, illustration.
3. Authorship: General essays on the history, sociology,
economics, organization, and theory of authorship.
4. Reproduction: e.g., scribes, printers, printing technology,
lithography, typesetting, mimeograph, xerography, desktop
publishing, the electronic book.
5. Publishing: Publishers, imprints, patrons, literary agents,
publishers' readers.
6. Property: Copyright and other forms of literary property,
such as royal privileges.
7. Distribution and Sales: e.g., booksellers (retail and
wholesale), colporteurs, postal systems, book clubs.
8. Preservation: e.g., libraries and librarians, archives and
archivists, preservation techniques, classification and
cataloguing, private book collecting.
9. Suppression: Censorship, bookburning, surveillance,
10. Scholarship: e.g., bibliography, editing, teaching and
historiography of literature, translation.
11. Reading: e.g., literacy, literary critics and criticism,
reading habits, reception studies, literary prizes.
12. Case Studies: Of course it will be impossible to include
entries on all the world's major authors and titles, but The
Oxford Companion to the Book will selectively cover books
with particularly important publishing and reception
histories. The entry on William Shakespeare, for example,
will deal not with his plays in performance, but with their
publication, editing, critical reception, and scholarly
treatment. Other likely candidates include the Dead Sea
Scrolls, the Book of Kells, Beowulf, The Tale of Genji, The
Canterbury Tales, Foxe's Book of Martyrs, Don Quixote,
Pilgrim's Progress, Robinson Crusoe, Diderot's Encyclopedia,
Uncle Tom's Cabin, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Das
Kapital, Mein Kampf, How to Win Friends and Influence
People, Animal Farm, The Second Sex, Silent Spring, and the
holy books of all the world's major religions.
13. National Histories: Concise surveys of the book histories of
all the nations and regions of the world.
Prospective contributors should send a short c.v. and a list of
areas of expertise to
Jonathan Rose
Department of History
Drew University
Madison NJ 07940, USA
The editors also welcome (1) suggestions for entries that might
otherwise be overlooked and (2) any bibliographies that will help in
covering the entire literature of book history.

Anne T. Lane, Collections Manager
York County Culture & Heritage Commission
212 East Jefferson Street
York SC 29746
Fax 803-684-0230

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