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[BKARTS] advise on letterpresses...

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Okay, so I have an opportunity to purchase my very first letterpress (only 1
month after buying my very first batch of metal type)... I have only a vague idea
on how to work one & even less on the actual equipment.

These are my choices. Can anyone give me some advise?

1. Acme Machine Company; Pilot Press (says it's from Bombay on the press). It is
red. I believe the roller should be 8" (It's missing- how easy would it be to
find a replacement?)

2. Tabletop Pilot press (made in India). It's blue & has an orange handle on the
left hand side. I believe the roller for this one should be 8.75" (Again, it's
missing- how easy would it be to find a replacement?)

3. Larger, more sturdy table top press... more expensive. I was told this would
be my best best (I think it's American or English made). It is a complete press,
but the rollers would need to be replaced (but the rollers are still on the
spindles - is that the correct term?). I was told it is easier to replace the
rollers if the inner metal type is still there. Is this true?

4. A flat proofing press. It's a little larger than 11x17. I was told you would
secure the type with magnets or a metal frame, then ink the type with a hand-held
brayer, but your paper down & then run the roller over the paper.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated as I am new to the wonderful world of


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