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[BKARTS] PVA's versus dry mounting

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Hello all:

I am trying to make a decision about the best way to achieve the

I'm mounting photographs (printed on a standard Kodak consumer printing
paper) onto Rives BKF paper (100% cotton rag paper).

I've been using a ph-neutral PVA glue but have been doing some reading
about dry mounting processes to see if I gain anything by making a
switch. I did some looking through the archives at this listserv
regarding dry mounting and found a bit of helpful info. One message in
particular from 1996 from David P. Anderson made a couple of points:

1: "The bond [of dry-mounting adhesives] may not be as permanent as
other types, but it ain't too bad, often lasting 20-30-40+ years..."

2: "The dry mount glue is NOT what one would consider archival quality!"

On the other hand, I was reading some technical publications from Kodak
this morning on the subject of mounting and was a bit surprised to find
the following note in a publication from 1999 titled Storage and Care of
Kodak Photographic Materials:

"Starch paste and polyvinyl acetate (PVA) adhesive are satisfactory for
short-term applications."

This comment came after a paragraph of info over two kinds of dry
mounting tissues which Kodak was suggesting were good methods for
mounting photographs--there was a Type 1 and Type 2 tissue (one is
permanent, the other reversible).

Does anyone have any more recent information or opinions regarding PVA's
versus dry-mounting? Can anyone say in general whether one or the other
is a better choice for my purposes?

Thanks in advance,
Cal Smith

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