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Re: [BKARTS] PVA's versus dry mounting

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Drymounting is an excellent method of mountng photographs assuming the
Rives is not too textured.

SEAL brand tissues are far better than Kodak's and you can get various
types depending on whether you are using RC photo paper or fibre-paper
(they work at different temperatures). They DO make an archival tissue as
well. The problem is not so much with the adhesive as I understand it but
with the paper base of the tissue.

The advantage I would imagine are that the dry adhesive does not penetrate
into the print as much as a wet glue and will therefore not affect the
silver image as much.

There are also cold mount materials which can be of high quality as well
but need to be applied with even pressure (usually through rollers).

Peter Sramek
Book°Sequence Gallery

Cal Smith wrote:

>           Hello all:
> I am trying to make a decision about the best way to achieve the
> following:
> I'm mounting photographs (printed on a standard Kodak consumer printing
> paper) onto Rives BKF paper (100% cotton rag paper).
> I've been using a ph-neutral PVA glue but have been doing some reading
> about dry mounting processes to see if I gain anything by making a
> switch. I did some looking through the archives at this listserv
> regarding dry mounting and found a bit of helpful info. One message in
> particular from 1996 from David P. Anderson made a couple of points:
> 1: "The bond [of dry-mounting adhesives] may not be as permanent as
> other types, but it ain't too bad, often lasting 20-30-40+ years..."
> 2: "The dry mount glue is NOT what one would consider archival quality!"
> On the other hand, I was reading some technical publications from Kodak
> this morning on the subject of mounting and was a bit surprised to find
> the following note in a publication from 1999 titled Storage and Care of
> Kodak Photographic Materials:
> "Starch paste and polyvinyl acetate (PVA) adhesive are satisfactory for
> short-term applications."
> This comment came after a paragraph of info over two kinds of dry
> mounting tissues which Kodak was suggesting were good methods for
> mounting photographs--there was a Type 1 and Type 2 tissue (one is
> permanent, the other reversible).
> Does anyone have any more recent information or opinions regarding PVA's
> versus dry-mounting? Can anyone say in general whether one or the other
> is a better choice for my purposes?
> Thanks in advance,
> Cal Smith

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