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Re: [BKARTS] HP laser printer

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I use an HP 1200 and was initially infuriated by the problems you describe.
However, there's actually a very simple solution. You can set up the
printer preferences so that it prints as ACSII, and Quark, Illustrator,
Photoshop etc. will print just fine. HP support told me this.

The 1200 is a very simple laser printer, but is excellent for letter-sized
(and smaller) documents. At Kinko's recently, I wanted to print out a proof
copy on 11x17" paper of a book set in QuarkXPress - I decided not to when
the clerk told me that it would cost $1 per page - and that as each page
included a double page document spread, that would make it $2 a page. I
didn't look into it, but I might have been able to find a 11x17" capable
printer for the cost of a Kinko's copy.

One thing that bothers me with the 1200 is that it doesn't have an on/off
switch, so turning it off involves reaching behind my desk to the
powerstrip. I was told that this is because the printer is primarily
designed to be networked, so they don't want people to easily be able to
bring the whole network down.

good luck!


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