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Re: [BKARTS] moleskine

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There's a brand called Moleskine now that produces notebooks - I wonder if
perhaps your student saw one of these? They are quite nice - black, with an
elastic strap to keep them shut, but definitely not bound in moleskine.
Mine has a promotional statement in the back about the legendary notebooks
used by European artists and intellectuals.....you get the picture!

In Australia, moleskin pants (no 'e') are popular with farmers and urban
types posing as farmers. Perhaps they were once made with actual mole skin,
but I doubt it as I don't think moles exist there. (Please don't inundate
me with e-mail if I'm wrong - one polite note will be enough to put me to
shame!) They're made of the velvetty cotton someone mentioned in another
post. However, a friend told me last year that an animal rights activist
group had vandalised an RM Williams store* in Melbourne, spraypainting
'SAVE THE MOLES!' across the store windows.

best wishes,


* RM Williams - purveyor of fine moleskin pants, akubra hats, and leather
stockman boots.

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