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Re: [BKARTS] HP laser printer

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A number of schools are getting rid of older HP-5000 and 8000
printers that may not look cosmeticly right but do have a lot of
life still in them and will fit tne needs of a smaller user. They
arent being replaced because they are worn out, but because the new
HP-9000 has features schools need.

As to not wanting to shut down a networked printer. It is not
desireable so much because shutting down the printer will bring
down the network, they won't if the network is configured right,
but because each time a printer is turned on it is suseptible to
surge damage, and if someone forgets to turn it back on it may
inconvenience people that send jobs to a printer that is inactive.
(But the print jobs will be queed on disk on the print server.)

We had a printer her shut down for an entire day and when put back
on line it printed for two hours steady, only stopping to be loaded
with paper.

--- Carolyn Fraser <idlewildpress@EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:

> Katie,
> I use an HP 1200 and was initially infuriated by the problems you
> describe.
> However, there's actually a very simple solution. You can set up
> the
> printer preferences so that it prints as ACSII, and Quark,
> Illustrator,
> Photoshop etc. will print just fine. HP support told me this.
> The 1200 is a very simple laser printer, but is excellent for
> letter-sized
> (and smaller) documents. At Kinko's recently, I wanted to print
> out a proof
> copy on 11x17" paper of a book set in QuarkXPress - I decided not
> to when
> the clerk told me that it would cost $1 per page - and that as
> each page
> included a double page document spread, that would make it $2 a
> page. I
> didn't look into it, but I might have been able to find a 11x17"
> capable
> printer for the cost of a Kinko's copy.
> One thing that bothers me with the 1200 is that it doesn't have
> an on/off
> switch, so turning it off involves reaching behind my desk to the
> powerstrip. I was told that this is because the printer is
> primarily
> designed to be networked, so they don't want people to easily be
> able to
> bring the whole network down.
> good luck!
> Carolyn.

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