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[BKARTS] photo resolution

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Greetings book lovers:

I know many of you are very technically minded and
wonder if you can steer me in the right direction?  I
am writing a book for commercial production
(probably)or perhaps self-publishing on some art
techniques with a basis in photos.  I am not a
photographer with technical knowhow, but I have some
very good photos, some taken with film cameras and
some with digital.  I think, but am not positive, that
for commercial reproduction processes the photo
resolution has to be in the 3072 x 2048 range.  My
digital photos are 1600 x 1200.  I am having some
difficulty finding this type of information.  I don't
want the book to be written, all the demos to be done
and then find that I can't publish it due to
insufficient resolution of the digital photos. I am
stalled at this point.

This may be of no interest to the rest of the list,
but, if you can direct me to the information or
resource book I need, please contact me off list.
Thank you!
Raven Regan

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