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Re: [BKARTS] photo resolution

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Katie's suggestions are excellent.  Resolution is a sticky concept.

For those using inkjet printers, it isn't too difficult - just get
around 200-300ppi at the output size. Going higher doesn't really
improve the quality. What improves quality is the resolution setting of
the printer. But, the printer does not create a halftone dot, so it's

For halftone printed material, the doubling rule is appropriate. What
complicates things for halftone output tis that there are really 3
separate resolutions to be concerned with. A way to make sense of them
is by separating them by a simple naming convention.

PPI refers to the pixels per inch in the image file (specifically useful
at the size being used in the page layout).
LPI (lines per inch) is used to refer to the size of the halftone
line/dot screen being simulated i.e. halftone dot being created.

When you go to an output bureau they may in addition ask for the desired
output resolution (i.e. of the output device). This is yet again a
different resoluiton and is termed the DPI of the output device,
refering to the number of dots per inch which the device can lay down to
create the halftone dot.

I hope this adds something useful to the discussion.
Peter Sramek
Book°Sequence Gallery

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