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Re: [BKARTS] sprague auction

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Hi... I'm mostly a lurker on this list.  I'm a novice interested in book arts and binding.  I read about the flea market on May 25 at the Sprague Auction.  I was thinking that I would go down there and see what I could find and what I might learn just by being there.  Before I make the journey which is approximately four hours, I thought maybe I'd check in with the people on this list and ask whether this flea market is something that would be useful for a novice?  I thought maybe I could pick up a standing press and supplies like bone folders and paper.  And, maybe there would be artist books there that I could look at.  I'd appreciate any information that anyone has about the flea market.



ps... I was also interested in the conversation about dpi.  I had files that were 20meg or  larger and it took over an hour for them to print.  Is that to be expected?  I try to make my files smaller now.

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