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[BKARTS] The Great Letterpress Sale!

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

Thanks to the letterpress pixies (and the generosity of many people,
including the Mandel family of American Printing Equipment and Supply Corp.
and the Yale Honorable Company of College Printers) a GIANT cache of rare
printing equipment has been made available to the book arts community. This
incredible find includes the world's largest inventory of New Old Stock
Hamilton Imposing Surfaces and tens of thousands of pounds of brand new
foundry type, as well as hundreds of other new and used letterpress goodies.


In the interests of helping along the current Renaissance of letterpress
printing, and providing support to several worthy organizations who are
working hard to keep the letterpress tradition alive, this treasure trove is
being offered for sale under the following unprecedented terms:

Every item has a CATALOG PRICE. This is the current selling price for the
item, as taken from the most recent catalog of American Printing Equipment &
Supply Corp. in which the item appeared and adjusted to current dollars, or
from online web sites currently offering similar products. You are welcome
to purchase any of the listed items at these prices.

PRICE, which in many cases can be as much as 90% off the catalog price! You
may order any item(s) at this incredibly low price IF you belong to ANY FOUR
of the organizations listed below. Note that if you don't currently meet the
criteria, you should immediately sign up with the group(s) of your choice,
so that you can take advantage of these unbelievable discounts.

In addition, through a DOUBLY-unprecedented offer, if you would like to make
a tax deductible contribution to support the Yale Honorable Company of
College Printers, simply make a contribution to Yale amounting to 125% of
what you otherwise would have paid (even if it's the discounted price!), and
I will GIVE YOU whatever you select from the catalog!

Finally, if you would like to come browse through what we have come to call
"Ali Baba's Secret Warehouse of Printing Delights" and pick up your goodies
in person, we will be having a special, one-time OPEN HOUSE this Sunday, in
conjunction with the Northeast Letterpress Flea Market, which is being held
on Saturday in Dummerston, VT.  If you are planning to come to the Flea
Market, you are invited to extend your stay for a day, and take an easy
drive (about two and a half hours straight down I-91) to New Haven, where
all the material is located in a climate-controlled, dock-high, accessible
warehouse right off the intersection of I-91 and I-95.

The warehouse will be open from 8:00 am to Noon, promptly, on Sunday ONLY,
and you can pick and pay for everything right on the spot (note that if you
want the special discount price, you'll need to bring your proof of
memberships with you!)

1. Everything in the catalog and the warehouse is being made available on a
first-come, first-served basis. Many of these items are available only in
very limited quantities, so it is probably safe to say that s/he who
hesitates will be lost. This sale is being widely publicized. There will be
a special four page insert in next week's issue of The Printer including the
complete catalog, and it will be posted on The Briar Press site as well as a
number of other lists and sites (please pardon the cross-posting).

3. The person who is coordinating this mega operation is the lovely and
talented Julie Ochs, a Lohmann Prize-winning letterpress printer herself,
who is based in New Haven and controls access to the warehouse. She can be
reached at mailto:julie@fiveroses.org or by phone at (203) 464-1194.  Please
direct all inquiries about this sale to her.

4. If you're planning to drive to the warehouse on Sunday, here are the
directions: Coming north on I-95, take Exit 46 "Long Wharf", (if you're
coming up from the South, make a left at the exit to go back under the
highway), then make a right onto Sargent Drive. Follow it about a quarter
mile to the New Haven Post Office, then make a sharp left in front of the
Post Office, and drive all the way to the end of the service road; you are
looking for the last building on the left opposite the train tracks. Go in
the gate at the back, and park as close as you can to the outside loading
dock, which will be open. On the way out, reverse the directions and you'll
find yourself back at I-95 right where it joins I-91, which will take you
direct to Hartford and Dummerston.

5. If you would like to take advantage of the "Yale contribution" route,
please get in touch with Julie for details.

6. Here are the worthy organizations, your membership in which will unlock
thousands of dollars in discounts (remember, you need to belong to four!):

?  Amalgamated Printers Association     (http://www.apa-letterpress.org/)
?  American Amateur Press Association
?  American Printing History Association        (http://www.printinghistory.org/)
?  American Typecasting Fellowship (subscriber)
?  Brayer and Bodkin - The Michigan Letterpress Guild
?  Briar Press web site (see home page to answer: "online since...?")
?  Chicago Center for Book and Paper
?  Greater Richmond Itinerant Printers  (mailto:dclinger@mindspring.com)
?  Grolier Club (http://www.grolierclub.org/)
?  Hamilton Wood Type Museum    (http://www.woodtype.org/)
?  History San Jose Printers' Guild
?  Houston Museum of Printing History or its Printers' Guild
?  International Printing Museum        (http://www.printmuseum.org/)
?  LetPress Internet Mailing List
?  Letterpress Guild of New England     (P.O. Box 380788 Cambridge, MA
?  Minnesota Center for Book Arts       (http://www.mnbookarts.org/main.html)
?  Museum of Printing   (http://www.museumofprinting.org/index.html)
?  New York Center for Book Arts        (http://www.centerforbookarts.org/)
?  St. Louis Letterpress Society        (mailto:skyship@compuserve.com)
?  Syracuse, NY Printers        (mailto:dinorton@juno.com)
?  The Printer (current subscribers only)
?  Typophiles   (mailto:daletype@worldnet.att.net)
?  Virginia Amateur Press Association   (mailto:jlwarner@cpcug.org)
?  Yale Honorable Company of College Printers   (mailto:scribe@hccp.net)


-David S. Rose
 Five Roses Press
 New York, NY

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