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Re: [BKARTS] The Great Letterpress Sale!

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

But it would be ever so nice IF I were supporting a real school
like Harvard, and not some unknown fork in the road one letter away
from being Jail.


--- "David S. Rose" <lists@ROSEGREMSE.COM> wrote:
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>            See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.
>                       <http://www.philobiblon.com>
>              ***********************************************
> Thanks to the letterpress pixies (and the generosity of many
> people,
> including the Mandel family of American Printing Equipment and
> Supply Corp.
> and the Yale Honorable Company of College Printers) a GIANT cache
> of rare
> printing equipment has been made available to the book arts
> community. This
> incredible find includes the world's largest inventory of New Old
> Stock
> Hamilton Imposing Surfaces and tens of thousands of pounds of
> brand new
> foundry type, as well as hundreds of other new and used
> letterpress goodies.
> www.fiveroses.org/catalog.pdf
> In the interests of helping along the current Renaissance of
> letterpress
> printing, and providing support to several worthy organizations
> who are
> working hard to keep the letterpress tradition alive, this
> treasure trove is
> being offered for sale under the following unprecedented terms:
> Every item has a CATALOG PRICE. This is the current selling price
> for the
> item, as taken from the most recent catalog of American Printing
> Equipment &
> Supply Corp. in which the item appeared and adjusted to current
> dollars, or
> from online web sites currently offering similar products. You
> are welcome
> to purchase any of the listed items at these prices.
> However, every item also has  SUPER DUPER, LETTERPRESS SUPPORTER
> PRICE, which in many cases can be as much as 90% off the catalog
> price! You
> may order any item(s) at this incredibly low price IF you belong
> of the organizations listed below. Note that if you don't
> currently meet the
> criteria, you should immediately sign up with the group(s) of
> your choice,
> so that you can take advantage of these unbelievable discounts.
> In addition, through a DOUBLY-unprecedented offer, if you would
> like to make
> a tax deductible contribution to support the Yale Honorable
> Company of
> College Printers, simply make a contribution to Yale amounting to
> 125% of
> what you otherwise would have paid (even if it's the discounted
> price!), and
> I will GIVE YOU whatever you select from the catalog!
> Finally, if you would like to come browse through what we have
> come to call
> "Ali Baba's Secret Warehouse of Printing Delights" and pick up
> your goodies
> in person, we will be having a special, one-time OPEN HOUSE this
> Sunday, in
> conjunction with the Northeast Letterpress Flea Market, which is
> being held
> on Saturday in Dummerston, VT.  If you are planning to come to
> the Flea
> Market, you are invited to extend your stay for a day, and take
> an easy
> drive (about two and a half hours straight down I-91) to New
> Haven, where
> all the material is located in a climate-controlled, dock-high,
> accessible
> warehouse right off the intersection of I-91 and I-95.
> The warehouse will be open from 8:00 am to Noon, promptly, on
> Sunday ONLY,
> and you can pick and pay for everything right on the spot (note
> that if you
> want the special discount price, you'll need to bring your proof
> of
> memberships with you!)
> ----------------------
> 1. Everything in the catalog and the warehouse is being made
> available on a
> first-come, first-served basis. Many of these items are available
> only in
> very limited quantities, so it is probably safe to say that s/he
> who
> hesitates will be lost. This sale is being widely publicized.
> There will be
> a special four page insert in next week's issue of The Printer
> including the
> complete catalog, and it will be posted on The Briar Press site
> as well as a
> number of other lists and sites (please pardon the
> cross-posting).
> 3. The person who is coordinating this mega operation is the
> lovely and
> talented Julie Ochs, a Lohmann Prize-winning letterpress printer
> herself,
> who is based in New Haven and controls access to the warehouse.
> She can be
> reached at mailto:julie@fiveroses.org or by phone at (203)
> 464-1194.  Please
> direct all inquiries about this sale to her.
> 4. If you're planning to drive to the warehouse on Sunday, here
> are the
> directions: Coming north on I-95, take Exit 46 "Long Wharf", (if
> you're
> coming up from the South, make a left at the exit to go back
> under the
> highway), then make a right onto Sargent Drive. Follow it about a
> quarter
> mile to the New Haven Post Office, then make a sharp left in
> front of the
> Post Office, and drive all the way to the end of the service
> road; you are
> looking for the last building on the left opposite the train
> tracks. Go in
> the gate at the back, and park as close as you can to the outside
> loading
> dock, which will be open. On the way out, reverse the directions
> and you'll
> find yourself back at I-95 right where it joins I-91, which will
> take you
> direct to Hartford and Dummerston.
> 5. If you would like to take advantage of the "Yale contribution"
> route,
> please get in touch with Julie for details.
> 6. Here are the worthy organizations, your membership in which
> will unlock
> thousands of dollars in discounts (remember, you need to belong
> to four!):
> ?  Amalgamated Printers Association
> (http://www.apa-letterpress.org/)
> ?  American Amateur Press Association
> (http://members.aol.com/aapa96/index.html)
> ?  American Printing History Association
> (http://www.printinghistory.org/)
> ?  American Typecasting Fellowship (subscriber)
> (http://www.printerstradingpost.com/htm/associate_info.htm)
> ?  Brayer and Bodkin - The Michigan Letterpress Guild
> (mailto:letterpressions@cs.com)
> ?  Briar Press web site (see home page to answer: "online
> since...?")
> (http://www.briarpress.org)
> ?  Chicago Center for Book and Paper
> (http://www.bookandpaper.org/importantstuff.html)
> ?  Greater Richmond Itinerant Printers
> (mailto:dclinger@mindspring.com)
> ?  Grolier Club (http://www.grolierclub.org/)
> ?  Hamilton Wood Type Museum    (http://www.woodtype.org/)
> ?  History San Jose Printers' Guild
> (http://www.historysanjose.org/PrintShop.html)
> ?  Houston Museum of Printing History or its Printers' Guild
> (http://www.printingmuseum.org/)
> ?  International Printing Museum
> (http://www.printmuseum.org/)
> ?  LetPress Internet Mailing List
> (http://hermes.csd.unb.ca/bin/wa?SUBED1=letpress&A=1)
> ?  Letterpress Guild of New England     (P.O. Box 380788
> Cambridge, MA
> 02238-0788)
> ?  Minnesota Center for Book Arts
> (http://www.mnbookarts.org/main.html)
> ?  Museum of Printing
> (http://www.museumofprinting.org/index.html)
> ?  New York Center for Book Arts
> (http://www.centerforbookarts.org/)
> ?  St. Louis Letterpress Society
> (mailto:skyship@compuserve.com)
> ?  Syracuse, NY Printers        (mailto:dinorton@juno.com)
> ?  The Printer (current subscribers only)
> (http://www.printerstradingpost.com/htm/the_printer.htm)
> ?  Typophiles   (mailto:daletype@worldnet.att.net)
> ?  Virginia Amateur Press Association
> (mailto:jlwarner@cpcug.org)
> ?  Yale Honorable Company of College Printers
> (mailto:scribe@hccp.net)
> Enjoy!
> -David S. Rose
>  Five Roses Press
>  New York, NY
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