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Re: [BKARTS] The Great Letterpress Sale! (correction and FAQ)

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

As an addendum to my previous note about The Great Letterpress Sale, I've
got one correction, plus the answers to a commonly asked question:

AARGH! I knew there had to be a Printer's Devil lurking around here
somewhere [sigh]. Despite what I put in the previous note (and the catalog
[wince]) the correct phone number for Julie Ochs is 203-464-1191. Sorry
about that! (But e-mail is still the best way to reach her/me.)

Several people have written to ask if they can order from the catalog, with
us shipping. The answer is YES, you can purchase from the catalog and we'll
ship, subject to the following caveats:

1) The unbelievably low discount pricing on the new foundry type ($5 a pack,
or $2 per pack in quantity) is ONLY available on site, if you come and pick
it yourself (sort of like a farm stand where you pick your own blueberries).
If you want us to find and pick a particular font for you, e-mail Julie and
she'll send you back the full font list from which you can choose. We'll
then pick and ship at $10 per pack plus shipping (which is actually still a
great deal). That's because the type is currently all sitting in crates, and
we just don't have the manpower to go through 20,000 pounds of unorganized
type for $2 :-).

2) Shipping costs, as with most everything related to letterpress, can be
really, really, high, and this is an expense of the buyer. Remember that
this stuff is HEAVY, and by the time you pack it properly for shipping, it
gets even heavier. As an example, shipping one  of the imposing tables and
surfaces, from New Haven, CT to Portland, OR, could run well over $1,000.
While this is still much less than the catalog price, and while this may be
your only opportunity to find one, it ain't cheap.

3) At least half the stuff in the catalog is used, and thus is sold as-is.
Since we're just not able to completely describe or photograph everything in
the warehouse, I'd be somewhat more comfortable if the buyers could come see
and touch everything themselves before they buy. That said, if you're ok
buying from afar and taking your chances, I'm game to do it at this end. (Of
course, with the few exceptions of things pre-marked AS-IS, if you get
something from us and it really doesn't work at all, we'll take it back. But
given your shipping costs, I'd suggest avoiding that as much as possible.)

        Good luck!


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