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[BKARTS] Inspiration

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Would like to meet you but will be on my way to Deer Isle, Maine. It will be 
my tenth year at Haystack, where I was first introduced to magical artist 
books, and subsequently 
my life transformed. 

Paradise is that place on the edge of the map. Stepped into the landscape. 
Each window a rumba of fog and fir.  Puzzle pieces of morning sky shimmer 
between the spaces where tall spruces doe-si-doe.  Squawking jays and 
seagulls trumpet the day.

My first year, it was making art just to please me. The following year it was 
the realization that I wanted more creative people in my life. Then I decided 
there should be a place in my small New York apartment just for making books, 
sold my dining room table and set a slab of glass on my grandfather's Singer 
sewing machine base. It went on from there in more ways than I could ever 
have imagined. 

Inspiration comes from having the time, place and opportunity to concentrate 
solely on creative process, the continued connection with people I meet, the 
quiet to hear the music in my mind that sets my dancers dancing. 

For the first time at Haystack, I will be taking a workshop in something 
other than books, the Narrative Clay class with SunKoo Yuh. I will be a 
beginner again, which is good for building character! Oliver Wendell Homes 
said,“ A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original 

The New York Center for Book Arts Member's Exhibition will certainly be worth 
<<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/tangobook">

Date:    Fri, 24 May 2002 11:23:49 -0400
From:    "Susan K. Gaylord" <skgaylord@MAKINGBOOKS.COM>
Subject: APeachw96@aol.com
    Thanks for your message and for the information. I'll keep it in mind. 
now I am getting more and more excited about the possibilities of working
digitally. I'm doing the design for my book on the Middle Ages for teachers 
Scholastic right now and while this has nothing to do with the kind of 
artwork I
am interested in making, it has gotten me a more comfortable with Photoshop, 
although I still have a LONG way to go, I can see all kinds of exciting
    I plan to be in NY for the Members Exhibition opening on June 14. Maybe 
see you there.

in good spirit

Alice Simpson wrote:
> Dear Susan-
> I appreciated your letter describing what has moved your spirit forward in
> books, and identify with your love of the line.
> It is possible to find satisfaction in the experience of pen to paper AND
> letterpress. Polymer plates can be made from the calligraphed line and then
> reproduced in the delicious depth of letterpress printing, which can hold 
> of its best dimensional and sensual qualities.
> Alice

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